Customer Communication Specialist

Work with our dealerships to deliver high quality customer service and assist our customers with their inquiries and arrange appointments. Our dedicated team handles database leads, answers customer inquiries and engages with prospective customers through various channels. This is a great opportunity to start your career in the automotive industry.

Product Ambassador

You are relationship builders and experience makers. Your main responsibilities are:

1. Prospecting for new business by continually networking, growing a circle of influence, collaborating with our call center, using social media and other marketing channels to make yourself known.

2. Selling vehicles by following our proven sales process, staying up-to-date on new models and trims, building trust and rapport with customers, completing demo drives, presenting payment options, and handling common objections.

3. Gathering customer’s information, updating leads and appointments in the CRM, setting up a follow-up schedule for each customer and effectively communicating with everyone else involved with the sale including Sales Managers and Finance Managers.

Sales Manager

The leader of our sales team, ensuring quality customer service and coaching and motivating the team to achieve sales targets and their personal growth. You focus on customer retention and strategize with our marketing team on advertising campaigns.

Using our industry-leading sales processes will allow you to lead the sales market.

General Manager

Responsible for the dealership’s daily operations. Profitability and growth are in your blood. You live by the core values and spearhead the culture. You are a key motivator to the dealership and utilize your skills and experience to make sound business decisions

Team Members